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The Honorable Order of Lewis & Clark
In 2019, Friends of Civil Affairs (FOCA) introduced the Honorable Order of Lewis and Clark and a four-tiered recognition system of Lewis & Clark Medallions to recognize Active Duty Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers.  The Medallion has a replica of Jim Carson’s “Lewis and Clark at the Great Falls” painting on the front and crossed Pipehawks on the back.  These symbols embody the spirit of Civil Affairs going back to the Corps of Discovery established in 1803 by President Thomas Jefferson.  The Corps of Discovery, while not officially a Civil Affairs unit, conducted what we refer to today as Civil Reconnaissance and Civil Engagement during the westward expansion.  The Corps was led by brave individuals such as Captain Meriwether Lewis and First Lieutenant William Clark, and its mission is commonly referred to as the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  President Jefferson recognized that the Army could embody the authority of the government in a way that civilians could not, but that it required uniquely qualified individuals.  The painting commemorates the Lewis and Clark Expedition reaching the Great Falls of the Missouri River, the first Americans to see them.  The Pipehawk symbolizes a choice between war and peace; it represents the ability to shape and build the environment through its use as a tool.  The sharpened edge represents the ability to degrade and exploit through its use as a weapon, and the pipe bowl represents the ability to promote diplomacy or peace when objectives have been reached.
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